This beret "Epoque" composed of assorted materials, will suit you perfectly, it is composed of fleece fabrics, shiny multicolored printed material, fake fur and will keep your head warm!
You will not have cold ears this winter, wrapped in sweetness in this pretty beret.
Stretchable rib edge on the head circumference, marine color allows to adapt to different head turns.
One size fits for a head circumference from 54cm to 59cm


There are 2 kinds of berets at Ricoco, the Epoque beret which is suitable for all faces and the Lyre beret which by its different cut (2 heights of fabrics) gives it several ways to position itself and is suitable for faces with more hair as well as "round" or "square" faces!

It matches blue mittens, EPOQUE beret and Snood Brill, the matching fleece hat too!

Made in Tarn 81

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